Conservation Biology

For my Discourse Community Assignment, I have decided to focus on Conservation biology. Conservation biology is the study of maintaining and restoring natural habitats and maintaining wildlife, providing information to the public about land, forest and water use.  There are many different types of conservation; water, wildlife, energy, forestry etc. Being a field of ecology, I find there are similarities with conservation biology and my program, Ecosystem Management. They both share the same of quality of commitment to the health of the Environment. I find they also share the same interest of openness to scientific and social issues they may come across with an area.  I think it would be a great community for anyone with an interest in conserving and sustaining nature to join.

Conservation biology looks at the Environmental issues caused by human actions and focuses on reversing an understanding and causes of lost ecosystems and biodiversity. They monitor the current environmental situations. For example, conservation biologist analyze the needs of plants and animals in an area. Whilst my program, ecosystem management, still aims towards conserving ecological areas and restoring their natural resources, it does it at the same time as meeting up with the socioeconomic and political standards of today. For example, consulting with the government, environmental and industrial agencies to develop a sustainable plan.

Some similarities between conservation Biology and ecosystem management lie within basic analyzing skills such as: being able to identify and figure out the cause of any kind of environmental degradation, analyzing and understanding a healthy ecosystem. A keystone difference with ecosystem management is being able to determine what socioeconomic and political policies are required for an ecosystem to be a healthy one.

If you’re interested in protecting and helping restore damaged ecosystems, or if you’re interested in educating yourself and the public on threats that may harm a perfectly healthy ecosystem, I would say this community might be right for you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.45.45 PM

(Conservation Biology, IHMC Public Cmaps)


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